Wish Jumper Emily Pierce, Wish Jump 2018

Wish Jumpers are local individuals who choose to raise money and jump out of a perfectly fine airplane from 13,000 feet in support of Make-A-Wish Northeast New York, and the Wish Kids the chapter serves.

Heck YES, it’s scary! But Wish Jumpers know that the fear they face on Jump day is nothing compared to the fear that Wish Kids and their families courageously face every day as wish kids live with critical illnesses. So, for one adrenaline-filled afternoon, Wish Jumpers set aside their fear as a small gesture to honor wish kids and their inspiring courage. 

2022 Wish Jumpers will be added here. Check back as the list is updated!


Bill Trigg, III, PhD – Make-A-Wish Northeast New York CEO

Mary Kenney, Event Organizers

Michael Doyle

Kelly O’Brien (Former Wish Teen)

John O’Brien (Wish Parent)

Leah Slocum

Alex Bendon

Michael DiBernardo



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