Hello and welcome! Wish Jump 2019 is now underway!

But, before we move on to Wish Jump 2019, we’d like to share some details about recent wishes that have been granted using funds raised from Wish Jump 2018! That is, after all, the reason why we jump!


Wish child Nathan, 6 years old, enjoyed a trip to Disney with his family to meet his favorite Disney character, Mickey Mouse. Nathan is totally FASCINATED with Mickey! Seriously, look at that smile!

Pyper, who loves Nickelodeon, wished to be slimed! Well, she received her wish, as well as attendance at Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Live where she was slimed for a second time!


Wish Teen Kenneth went to Disney, because he wanted to enjoy all of the major theme parks. This was a very big deal for Kenneth and his family because it was the first time they ever traveled!

As a wish granter, I can tell you that great care goes into making each wish unique and personalized to every child, incorporating details such as their favorite activities, favorite foods, and favorite colors. And it is in the little details that our wish kids, and their families, are blown away by the entire wish experience. And, it is because of the support of Wish Jump that Make-A-Wish Northeast New York is able to pull it all together, right down to the little details, to make it happen. Nathan, Pyper, and Kenneth thank you!


Wish Jump 2019 is the ninth annual skydiving fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Northeast New York. Since it began in 2011, over $250,000 has been raised and used by Make-A-Wish Northeast New York to fulfill their mission of granting wishes to children with critical illnesses who live in the 518 region. If you are interested in being a Wish Jumper in 2019, please contact Mary Kenney at wishjump@gmail.com.

This ain’t no bake sale!