Mary Kenney – Event Organizer

In 2010, I became a volunteer wish granter for Make-A-Wish Northeast New York. After granting my first wish, I experienced first hand the “power of a wish.” The power of a wish is very, very real – it is the impact that a wish can gave on a wish child, their family, friends, and the people around them. It is the hope, strength, and joy the child experiences from the moment they are asked, “What is your WISH?” to the happening of the wish itself. That child may be in the midst of the fight of their life, and the opportunity to focus on something fun and positive can be life-changing. When the family, friends, and people in the wish child’s life see the positive impact the wish experience has on the wish child, those people are inspired to stay positive, and often to give back. The Wish Jumpers who are former wish kids a perfect example of wish kids who are survivors and who choose to pay it forward. When I attend various Make-A-Wish Northeast New York events and I listen to wish kids and teens, and wish parents tell their stories, I am overwhelmed by the impact the wish had on some of the darkest, most difficult and scariest times of their lives. The power of a wish is REAL, and your donations help make it possible.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Wish Jump over the years! Wishes come true because of you!