Wish Jump Eve

Every year, in the final days before Jump day, I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. Not because feeling grateful is now trendy, with lifestyle and business publications telling me to feel this way to achieve success and happiness (and to slap a hashtag on it to make it real aka #blessed), but because it’s a genuine emotion that runs so deep it stops me in my tracks over and over in the days leading up to the event.

As the donations rise in the last days before Jump day, I’m blown away by the generosity of our donors, large and small. The act of making a donation tells me that each and every donor cares about the mission of Make-A-Wish Northeast New York – to grant the heartfelt wish of every child and teen diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition who lives in the 518. As a volunteer wish granter for our local chapter, I have seen first-hand the power of a wish. I want donors to know that the wishes they make possible are truly healing and life-changing for our wish kids. The impact is real – I can’t stress this enough.

Aside from raising money that make wishes come true, what I love most about this event are the people involved, the Wish Jumpers. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for your hard work and commitment to seeking donations from family, friends, and sometimes even your employers. For the Wish Jumpers who participate year after year, I know it’s challenging to go back to the same well for donations, and I’m grateful that you do it each year, and for your donors who donate year after year. And for the Wish Jumpers who have never done any kind of fundraising, or skydived, thank you for embracing the process with enthusiasm. Please know that each email that exclaims, “I’M SO EXCITED!” makes my heart soar.

In the last two years, Wish Jump has had the honor of having three former wish kids and four wish parents participate as Wish Jumpers. I’m so thrilled that you’ve chosen Wish Jump as a way to pay it forward, and make it possible for wishes to come true for other wish kids and their families.

Aside from wishes being granted, Wish Jump has resulted in multiple friendships, countless memories, one skydive certification, and one marriage – congratulations to Wish Jumper Heather Wells (Wish Jump 2012 and 2013) and her first tandem instructor Tom Wells, who were married in June!

Thank you to every Wish Jumper and donor for making this event a success. I’m genuinely and deeply grateful for each of you. We’ll see you back on the ground tomorrow. This ain’t no bake sale!


Mary Kenney

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